Physical Education Early Years

My name is Sarah Schiff-Berger, the students call me Coach Sarah or Sarah Laoshi, and I am the PE teacher for grades PreK3-Kindergarten.  I   am new to the Yu Ying community and very excited to get to move,  play, and interact with the students. I have over seven years of experience teaching movement to young children. I am originally from Chicago and have been teaching in the DC area since fall 2021. My philosophy of movement education is that all children should have the opportunity to participate in games and play because it unlocks their potential, creativity, and imagination. I hold an MA in Dance Education from NYU and for my MA thesis, I created an early childhood creative movement curriculum that engages and enhances preschoolers' and kindergarteners' physical, social emotional, and cognitive development.  I value seeing the joy and excitement on children's faces as they explore, play, and move. My classes focus on using movement, games, and play  to foster students' physical, social-emotional, and cognitive development.  In my leisure I enjoy lap swimming,  taking dance classes,  baking, going on walks, and spending time with friends and family. Below is the PE class schedule for 2023-2024 school year. I am looking forward seeing all of the great things the students will accomplish this year!