Performing Arts Highlights

Welcome to Performing Arts!


Throughout the year, we explore how to express feelings and ideas with our bodies and voices. Often we use books to help as inspiration for our play. Stay tuned for our adventures!


We will spend a lot of time this year using dramatic play to dig deeper into the concepts students are exploring in class. Stayed tuned for pictures and videos of our learning!


After a couple of weeks of community building, we will launch our storytelling unit. During this unit, students will engage in storytelling through mime, dance, dramatic reading, skits and more. Stay tuned for pictures and videos of our experiments with different modes of storytelling!

First Grade:

As students begin to inquire into communities we will use dramatic play to help us understand how communities work. Students will use role play and mock interviews to get to know the people in communities and how they interact. Stay tuned for our adventures!

Second Grade:

I will see the second graders in January!

Third Grade:

I will see the third graders in January!

Fourth Grade:

As we wrap up some community building and expectation setting, we will begin delving into public speaking, speeches and debate. The skills and strategies students build in this unit are invaluable for communication and provide another way to engage in their citizenship and government unit. Stayed tuned for how we make it all happen!

Fifth Grade: