Class Highlights 2021-2022

May Updates

Grade3 : (Students made their recycled instruments and played their 3Rs rhyme and ostinato on the instruments.)

Final performance

Final performance

Final performance

Final performance 

Grade2 : Continued unit.

Students move like turtles while listening the 4th movement of the carnival of the animal (tortoise)

Students play the fish game after exploring the 7th movement of the carnival of the animal (aquarium).

Students listen music to move high and low (carnival of the animal 6th movement - Kangaroo)

Prek : Continued unit.

Parachute Color Match Game

Students' Beautiful Work

Exploring Parachute

April Updates

Grade3 : In the unit "Sharing the Planet," we are talking about what we can do with trash in music? and how we reduce, recycle and reuse trash musically.

Students write their group 3Rs rhyme

Students write their group 3Rs rhyme


A group performs their 3Rs rhyme 


A group performs their 3Rs rhyme 


A group performs their 3Rs rhyme 

Grade 2:  I am very excited about having 2nd graders back again! In the unit "How We Express Ourselves," we are learning songs and the Carnival of Animals to explore how musicians express emotions, how music affects our feelings, and how we express feelings through music.

Hello to all the children of the world

March Updates

Kindergarten: Continued Unit

Rhythm Band

Our kindergarten had made their rhythm band, and they enjoyed it very much. I was so proud of them that students knew when to play their instruments and when to stop playing!

Prek : In this unit, we are learning rhythm on the plates!

Rhythm Plates

The students were experiencing the quarter note and quarter rest on the plates. They also made their rhythmic pattern on the plates. 

Grade3 : Continued Unit

Leopard .MOV

Bee Bee Bumble Bee Band

We have been working on putting several ostinati (repeating rhythmic patterns) for the song "Bee Bee Bumble Bee" and playing them on different instruments. Here is their show!

February Updates

Grade3 : In collaboration with 3rd team in their language unit, we are exploring the powerful of patterns for storytelling. We've talked about the patterns of words and rhythm in music. We also have used voice, body percussion, words, and instruments, to express ourselves. They created their own rhythm pattern and songs during the class. 


We used the circle game with instruments to feel and learn steady beat and discussed why keeping beat is so important in music, especially when a group is playing music together

Bee Bee Bumble Bee


Their way to express Bee bee bumble bee

Their way to express Bee bee bumble bee



Their way to express Bee bee bumble bee


Student's rhythm pattern work 

Student's rhythm pattern work 

Student's rhythm pattern work 

Student's rhythm pattern work 

Grade 1: In "How the World Works" unit, we are exploring the idea of how rhythm and pitch patterns from the traditional music show life relationships. We've had lots of fun in folk dance and traditional music games worldwide. These activities not only bring joy, how to collaborate with each other, but also help them to have a better understanding of the relationship between music, history, and culture.

Folk dance

Los Machetes

Folk Song

Lucy Locket


Kindergarten: We are exploring how the culture dance, sing and tell their history through music.  We are also exploring instruments and discussing the invention in instruments.


The Friendship Song


We learned colors in Chinese this way in Music class

Color Song Game 

We played the tambourine passing game after exploring it. 

The Passing Game

Prek:  Students learn numbers, body parts, and story telling in Chinese through games, activities, and songs. 

We learned body parts in Chinese through the alligator song

Alligator Song

We learned counting numbers in Chinese with the rhyme on beat

The Beat Rhyme 

Chinese New Year Shows (January):



Chinese Songs Collection



Songs Collection

Kindergarten Final.MOV


Happy Chinese New Year

Obwisana Updated.MOV

Grade 4


3rd 新年好虎年到.MOV

Grade 3

Happy  New Year of  Tiger 

1st 大鼓小鼓.MOV

Grade 1

 Big drums and small drums

September / October Updates:

Prek: is having lots of fun in Integrated Arts (Music) lessons.  They are learning to appreciate different kinds of music and move with it. The students also have been exploring simple music concepts through fun activities. 


All the pre-k students love play and stop song!

Play and Stop


Prek 4 students explored different ways of dancing with scarves and created motions for the song falling leaves. 

Falling Leaves

Grade 1: We are beginning this school year with the transdisciplinary unit: How We Organize Ourselves. We began by discussing that music interacts within their community in many ways to communicate ideas. We are also talking about orchestras and other music communities, roles and responsibilities in musical communities. 


The 1st graders explored that we could use papers as drums to play when we were discussing percussion instruments. Then we made this movement by using paper drums.

Clap Clap Song

Grade 2: We are beginning this school year with the transdisciplinary unit: Who We Are. We discussed using vocal sounds, rhythms, instruments, and timbres to communicate ideas and feelings. We also explored musical elemental skills and used them to collaborate to make music together! 

Puffin 土豆song.MOV

The 2nd graders learned Chinese Potato Song and explored rhythm and instruments. They also collaborated with peers and made this song together!

Chinese Potato Song

Grade 4: We are beginning this school year with the transdisciplinary unit: Who We Are. In integrated arts, we are working on the music elements. The students explore and experience different kinds of music and explain what elements make music being unique. 


The Fall Poem - Body Percussion


The Fall Poem - Un-pitched Instruments

Whale obwisana .mov

When we worked on rhythm concepts, we transferred different rhythmic patterns to instruments and made a show for the Africa song "Obwisana".