Class Highlights 2023-2024

Prek 3:   Prek3 students are gaining an understanding and appreciation of various music genres, engaging in movement and instrument play to the rhythms. These young learners are also delving into basic music concepts through enjoyable activities. Furthermore, they are beginning to grasp the idea that music serves as a means of personal expression.

We sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star "in Chinese with instruments 

Use stretch band to feel play and stop in music.

Prek 4: While Prek 4 students delve into the "Who We Are" unit, they are also engaging in a musical exploration, discovering how music serves as a means to express their identities and gain an understanding of the diversity present in people and cultures.

We utilize classical music as a means to explore and understand emotions.

We express our emotions as we listen to various classical music compositions.

We associate different colors with various emotions, and we select colors to paint or draw while listening to different types of music.

The students share their projects.

The Mystery Box

(There are various instruments in it.🤫

Students take it in turns to present their personal compositions.


Book's Song

We enjoy singing the book's song every time before we start our reading aloud

Kinder: Kindergarten students are currently immersed in a story unit. In our music lessons, we're beginning to explore how music enriches storytelling and facilitates emotional expression, fostering connections between different cultures and emotions. They also learn to clap and sing to the beat, explore the world of instruments like tambourines and xylophones, and uncover the magic of musical elements like dynamics and tempo.

We're playing the mirror and shadow game.

We adapted the game for small groups, with drums acting as the mirrors, and rhythm sticks as the shadows.

We adapted the game for small groups, with drums acting as the mirrors, and rhythm sticks as the shadows.


We sing a song about friendship and move together in a musical game.

Students are just waiting for the cue to grab their next partner.

We're demonstrating how to play the game to everyone.