Musical Arts

Musical Arts

Teacher: Ella Zhang - Email

Integrated Arts is a new specials program at Yu Ying this year. In this program, students explore different kinds of music and instruments worldwide. They learn musical elements and skills through fun activities and are encouraged to create music together and individually to express themselves. This year, integrated arts also focuses on using these musical training to support students' emotional well-being and help students understand their emotional conflicts, develop social skills, improve self-esteem, and reduce anxiety in learning during the pandemic.

Hi, I am Ella Zhang. Students know me as Ella Laoshi. I am grateful for joining the specials team and being an integrated arts (music) teacher this year. I joined Yu Ying in 2019 as a kindergarten Chinese teaching fellow and, later, an interim kindergarten Chinese lead teacher.

I was born in the central area of China and moved to the USA for the graduate program in 2016. My background is music education specializing in vocal and piano. I started playing piano and learned music when I was eight years old. Music has been a great passion of mine. I am so happy that I get to share with students at Yu Ying.



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