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I am Maureen Laoshi, and I am the Humanities teacher at Washington Yu Ying. I have been at Yu Ying in some capacity since 2010. I have also spent much of the last couple decades learning more about the history of our country and all its many and varied inhabitants. Additionally, I have read and researched a lot on character education and its benefits for our younger children. I am enjoying my interaction with all of the students.

The Humanities schedule from 2/28 - 4/1 is as follows:

M - 1st: 4th g - Octopus 2nd: 5th g - Phoenix 3rd: - 3rd g - Leopard. 4th : K- Rabbit 5th: PK-3-Water Buffalo

Shark Bai Hu Panther Dog Zebra

Sea Turtle Tiger Mouse Koala

Whale Dragon Lion Horse Penguin

Humanities is a new Specials class this year that focuses on character education for PK-2 and an exploration of first themselves: who they are at this particular time in their lives for grades 4-5. (Grade 3 will start Humanities after the Thanksgiving break.) Additionally, for grades 4-5, we will investigate the U.S. governing documents and explore the cultures of Native Americans, African Americans, Latin Americans and Asian Americans and their contributions to our countries. As with the teachers of our other Specials classes, I see classes at different times throughout the year. Thus far, we have concentrated on Kindness and Fairness in PK-2; going forward, we will reinforce Manners, Integrity, Helpfulness, Respectfulness and probably some other character traits that might reveal themselves during the year. Additionally, we hope to do some cultural activities with PK-2 that coincide with what grades 3-5 are learning at the time. Our goal is to learn about differences and commonalities and to create respect for all.

The Shark class trying to imitate Dr. King's action of "I'm gonna get me some big words." 1/18/2022

The Dog class holding a picture of Dr. King after hearing about his determination, "I'm gonna get me some big words!" 1/18/2022

IMG_1505 (1).MOV

Zebra class learned about Dr. King and his five year-old assertion.


The Koala Class remembered Dr. King by repeating his five-year old promise.


Penguin Class learned about Dr. King's quote: "I'm gonna get me some big words."


The Horse Class learned about Dr. King's "big words." 1/19/2022

The Water Buffalo class learned about perseverance, and they colored pictures that said, "I Don't Give Up!" 2/27/2022

Students from Water Buffalo Class enjoy time on the playground. In class, they learn how to listen with their whole bodies.

Students from Zebra class listen to a song about learning how to listen.

Octopus Class spends the last day of our Native American Unit watching, listening and writing.

Dragon Class discusses the dilemma about Native American Land.

Water Buffalo class goes to the Nature Center with Ma Laoshi and Maureen Laoshi to be sure that YY students are respecting our grounds. 5/2/2022

The Panther class wrote a Civil War Spy story. 5/3/2022