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school year 23-24

Teacher: Paula Zimmerman - email

GARDEN ARTS- is a unique hybrid learning experience that explores gardening,
environmental science, and nature appreciation through the lens of visual art.  


please make sure your kids are dressed to work outdoors!

1st trimester (August 29 - December 22 )

1st  Grade
BLACK BEAR: Monday, CAMEL: Tuesday, PANDA: Wednesday, ELEPHANT: Thursday, OTTER: Friday

2nd grade
DOVE: Monday, OWL: Tuesday, EAGLE: Wednesday, PUFFIN: Thursday

3rd grade
LEOPARD: Monday, PANTHER: Tuesday, LION: Wednesday, TIGER:Thursday

4th grade
SEA TURTLE: Monday, WHALE: Tuesday, SHARK: Wednesday, OCTOPUS: Thursday

5th grade
BAIHU: Monday, PHOENIX: Wednesday, 

DRAGON: Thursday

Welcome New Families

 My name is Paula Zimmerman- your kids know me as Paula Laoshi.  I am a founding teacher at Yu Ying. I have 2 daughters who are Yu Ying alumnae. I grew up in Brooklyn, NY a completely urban environment but was lucky to have many opportunities to spend time in nature.  Garden Arts really is a mix of things that I am passionate about; gardening, visual art, and sustainability. So what could be better than sharing what I love?  Garden Education provides a multitude of benefits and life skills for students.  We all benefit from fresh air, working with nature, cooperating on physical tasks, and feeling the joy and pride of being able to grow our own food. Gardening together gives us a chance to be part of a community and creates a safe space for all of us to share important parts of our culture.  I have observed that gardening can be ideal for students who find it difficult to be in the classroom.  It gives them an opportunity to show off a different skill set, and to be leaders.