Celebrate Black History Month with Yu Ying.

Click here for the list of Black History Month Events at Yu Ying and around DC.

Please add any BHM events for the community to enjoy!

Each Year Yu Ying celebrates Black History Month with many interesting and engaging events.

We hope you and your family will participate!

Joyful Fridays, from 11-11:45. Click for more information


Black History Read Aloud

Click here to find a library of read aloud videos!

And click here to find ANOTHER library of read aloud videos!

Thank you to our parents, YY staff and Steve and Sienna Rollins for sharing books with us and creating these great libraries!

Want another way to learn about African American Achievements? Check out these Bulletin Boards by 5th Grader Sienna Rollins!




"Who Inspires You?"

2022 Series: Black History Intro Black History Extra Video

Episode 17: Bass Reeves

Episode 18: Doug Wilder

Episode 19: Shirley Chisholm

Episode 20: Thurgood Marshall

Episode 21: Ida B. Wells

Episode 22: Colin Powell

2021 series of short videos featuring episodes of African American History and People:

Episode 1: Langston Hughes

Episode 2: Duke Ellington

Episode 3: Phillis Wheatley.

Episode 4: Dr. Martin Luther King and Jackie Robinson

Episode 5: Rosa Parks Episode 6: Mae Jemison

Episode 7: Barack Obama

Episode 8: Nina Simone:

Episode 9: A conversation with Kwaku Alston

Episode 10: Lewis Latimer Episode 11: James West

Episode 12: Vice President Kamala Harris

Episode 13: Harriet Tubman

Episode 14: Amanda Gorman

Episode 15: Pearl Primus

Episode 16: Matthew Henson

Thank you to Malcolm Johnson for sharing these with us!

Black History Month Student Art Showcase